The Founder

The founder of Einarsson fly fishing, Steingrimur Einarsson, started his company in 2007. The company is born out of a passion for outstanding engineering and dedication for fly fishing. The core idea behind the company is to design and manufacture top quality fly reels.

Steingrimur, catches his first fish on a fly at the tender age of 7. This was near to his home in Iceland while fishing the legendary river Sog, From this moment stems his passion for fly fishing.

„Me and my friends usually started to fish for Arctic Char and Brown Trout beginning of May, or as soon as water temperature was up to 4°C. We fished throughout the summer almost every day. I consider myself as being very lucky, able to grow up in the fantastic surrounding of Sog and the big lake Thingvallavatn.“

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The Company

Einarsson Fly Fishing is born out of the fanatical pursuit of fly fishing and a passion for exemplary engineering. The pedigree of this company is firmly rooted in 25 years of manual and automated machining/engineering combined with a lifetime of fly fishing and guiding.

Based in Isafjordur, Iceland, ‘Einarsson Fly Fishing’ captures the very essence of artisan principles while embracing cutting edge technologies in design and manufacturing. Steingrimur Einarsson founder said

“From the very start we have worked continuously on improving the performance, quality and functionality of our design. Our aim is that our reels give the fisherman something extra and of course to last a lifetime…or two”

He continues:

“My technical background comes from CNC engineering and design. For a long time it has been my passion to make high quality fly reels, in 2004 the first seven reels were produced for personal use only”. “Soon I experienced interest from Icelandic fly fishermen and friends who have learned about the reels so a potential market in Iceland was emerging and thoughts turned to developing a marketing strategy”.

One thing lead to another and Einarsson Fly Fishing was started. Einarsson Fly Fishing moves into a new production facility in the beginning of 2009, following by a investments in CNC production machinery.

Two different types of reels are manufactured at Einarsson, the Plus series and the Invictus. Plus series is a redesigned version of the first reel made in 2004 and are now manufactured in 5 different sizes and 4 standard colors. The Plus reels are made in Iceland and are machined and assembled in a high standard factory. Einarsson quality team monitors the entire process in order to strive and uphold our standards of the highest quality.

From the very start the design team of Einarsson has had one goal in mind, to design and build a brake system that would be smoother than any other ever made. The result is the patented Shock Absorbing Brake technology - SAB, the smoothest brake system ever made. The Invictus reel with the SAB system have now been in use since 2012 and are sold worldwide.

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Introduction video

Environmental Consciousness

Our goal is to produce an innovative, high quality reels with minimum environmental impact. As a fly fishing company, conservation of the environment is a „no brainer“. No environment …. No fish….. No tackle company! It’s that simple.

By buying high quality equipment and minimizing use of consumable supplies we can cut down on energy and material waste. Einarsson Fly Fishing has been built with strong environmental credentials in order to build a better future for fly fishing. As part of this work, Einarsson Fly Fishing supports the „North Atlantic Salmon Fund“ through the „One Percent For The Planet“ program.

By actively sharing information and communicating the values of sustainable fishing and sustainable living Einarsson Fly Fishing invites you to join the family, enjoy the products and together make a difference in the ever challenging environmental battle.

Over fishing of rivers and lakes is a reality and many good fishing spots have seen a decline in fish stocks with an ever increasing number of anglers.

Fishery conservation through implementation of catch and release fishing has proven very successful in many waters and when done properly can increase fish population in heavily fished waters.

Protecting the world’s fishing grounds is of utmost importance to fly fishermen. Therefore we practice C/R and encourage all our customers to do the same, if at all possible.

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