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Doug Brutocao

While living in Southern California, Doug Brutocao was introduced to fly fishing at the age of 15 when he was given a Fenwick 805 rod and a Pflueger Reel.

Just fly fishing was not enough, Doug wanted to learn to tie flies. Spending countless hours at the vise and reading many books, Doug learned to tie trout flies, steelhead flies and shad flies. After moving to Santa Rosa in northern California, he met Grant King and a whole new world opened up. He was introduced to the concept of commercial fly tying while at the same time maintaining a quality fly. Grant also introduced Doug to many great fly anglers, Bill Schaddt, Hal Janssen, Frank Bertaina, Bob Nauhiem and many other Northern California anglers.

Doug learned to fish on the rivers of Northern California such as the Gualala, Russian, Eel, Smith and Trinity Rivers. It is while fishing these rivers that he found his passion in the pursuit of anadromous fish. This passion has taken him to some world class fisheries in Alaska, British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Russia.

Doug passion has led to a live in the fly fishing industry. He started out by forming Doug’s bugs at the age of 18, supplying commercially tied flies to a number of shops in northern California. After a brief departure from the fly fishing industry, he revitalized Doug’s Bugs and turned it into a distribution company for fly tying materials, fly fishing books and other fly fishing related products.

After selling Doug’s Bugs and taking some time off to tend the family vineyard, Doug has gotten back into the fly fishing industry. He felt there was a lack of good quality well tied steelhead flies on the market. Aqua Flies fills the void where other fly companies have let the steelhead angler down. Taking Tradition Up a Notch, Increase Your odds.