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Christer Sjöberg

Founder of world famous fly fishing brand Loop Tackle Design and destination angling company Solid Adventures. Christer has been in the sport fishing industry for more than 37 years and was one of the true trailblazers when it came to opening up Russia’s hidden treasures for the flyfishing community back in the 90’s.

He was also one of the first offering fly fishing for Tarpon in Cuba. In the early 2000’s Christer shifted focus from Russia to Southern Patagonia and set up the seatrout camp Estancia Las Buitreras on the magnificent Rio Gallegos. A couple years later he introduced the today well known Jurassic Lake to the world! A true adventurer and innovator that seems to grow younger for each passing season. Today he is running Solid Adventures full time with world class fishing destinations in Argentina, Costa Rica, Greenland and more.