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Harpa Hlín Þórðardóttir

Harpa Hlín Thordardottir is an Icelandic fishing and hunting outfitter who puts her heart and soul into the planning of fishing and hunting tours for guests from all over the world.

Harpa started flyfishing 16 years ago and got hooked after landing her first salmon on the fly. Her daily life involves fishing and the outdoor life. „Fishing and everything related to fishing is a big part of my own and my family´s lives.“

Harpa founded an all female fishing & hunting club called T&T International and together with them she travels all over the world in pursuit of her passion for the sport.

„I love the outdoors and I am exceedingly privileged to be able to fish with my family and friends in Iceland and elsewhere. Living in Iceland is quite handy for anglers, as it there are many fantastic fishing spots in the vicinity of Reykjavik the capital. I mainly go fishing with my husband, but also with my family and friends.“

I have been using an early design of the Einarsson reel for many years, and it is definitely the reel that me and my husband have used the most. I really like the final outcome and recently starting using an 8Plus reel for my 13,1" double handed rod. It fits perfectly and the rod is so well balanced with my new reel, it´s perfect. I chose a clear colour with a blue center and I love it, it looks so beautiful. In my opinion the Einarsson reels must be some of the best ones on the market and I love the fact that they are designed and made in Iceland.