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Joni Tarkka

Joni Tarkka was born in 1982 Helsinki Finland where he has lived most of his life. From young age on he has spent summers in the family’s summer cottage beside the streams of Southern Finlands biggest river Kymijoki, where he took his first steps to become a fly fisherman. Joni has been fishing his whole life and grown as a fisherman beside his granddad and father.

At the age of 9 he took his first steps in fly fishing and started tying his own flies after an old fisherman from the village gave him his first fly rod. He showed him the basics of fly fishing and layed the ground stone for Joni's future as a fly fishing guide.

Ever since he has been addicted to fly fishing and has traveled around Finland, his dad as his driver to keep that young boys sport going on. After growing older his fly fishing made him travel to different parts of Scandinavia and beyond.

In 2011 he made a decision to sell everything and quit his day job to fulfill the young boys dream of moving to Lapland, studying to become an outdoor-fishing guide.

From those days on he has been a partner in a guiding company North fly fishing, traveling and guiding in the fells of Lapland to fish especially for Arctic Grayling, Brownies, and Arctic Char in the last parts of Europe’s real wilderness!