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Kevin Harris

Growing up in Billings, Montana, Kevin Harris started his fishing career on the Bighorn, Yellowstone, and Stillwater rivers.

In 2008, Kevin moved to Anchorage, Alaska, where he was stationed at Fort Richardson. Despite serving two tours in Afghanistan, he found time to fish the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers, as well as many other rivers in Alaska. During this time, Kevin was influenced heavily by Mike Brown, originator of “2hand Alaska,” and owner of the famous Mossy’s Fly Shop in Anchorage. When not cutting up lines or tying up flies at the shop, Kevin was pursuing his passion of swinging for trout, steelhead, and salmon.

Leaving the service in 2013, Kevin stayed in Alaska to guide for Alaska West on the Kanektok River. Once back in the lower 48, Kevin spent a majority of his time swinging flies for steelhead throughout the Pacific Northwest, places such as the Olympic Peninsula, Oregon Coast, Clearwater, Clackamas, and Deschutes Rivers. During this time, Kevin had the opportunity to learn more about the art of speycasting, tying, and fishing from some of the best swing fishermen in the world, including Jerry French and Tom Larimer.

Now, Kevin continues to pursue his passion for spey fishing in Montana, swinging for trout throughout the season with everything from small soft hackles to large intruders. He teaches casting and guides on the Bighorn River out of Fort Smith; he also guides for the Warriors and Quiet Waters Foundation, out of Bozeman, Montana.