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Kristján Páll Rafnsson

I have been using Einarsson reels for five years now and mostly for a trout and Char fishing in Iceland. For those who don't know you need strong and reliable gear for our trout fishing in Iceland because some of the largest and strongest trout you can find in the World are in many of our pristine waters.

Since I am the CEO of www.fishpartner.com I get to fish some of Iceland's finest waters for trout so obviously I choose only the best gear available and especially when it comes to reels. Einarsson Plus series has been my choice for the trophy trout of Lake Thingvallavatn. I am using the size 7 reel and together with the Plus reels super smooth drag that allows me to play the fish hard but still gently I can also place enough backing for the giants to pull out. These are the reasons I highly recommend Einarsson reels for anyone who is looking for a reliable and high-quality reel.