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Petr Stasek

I saw the light of the day 14/02/1979. I come from the Czech Republic from a small town in southern Moravia. I got the passion for fishing from my father, when I was a child. I will never forget the moment when I was five years old, I „stole“ his favourite rod and went out to fish on a small stream. Since this moment I have been more devoted to fishing than school.

When I lived in the Czech Republic, I was working as a welder so I had many opportunities to travel around the world, of course with the rod in my backpack. In 2014, I decided to live my dream in New Zealand, where I actually live. I am a member of the FlyFishing Club Canterbury. In the near future I want to broaden my horizons to SW fishing. When I lived in Europe, I usually spent my summer in Scandinavia. We were wandering in Finnmark, exploring Sirma and of course Atlantic salmon, which were shown to me by great man Lubbe Ferysson.

I love the feeling when I'm next to the water, far away from civilization, where the heartbeat is more and more intensive, and I’m just listening to the song of the nature and water. Fly fishing is my passion, lifestyle and love for the rest of my life..