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Pierce Oja

Pierce Oja grew up in Billings, Montana and has been chasing trout on Montana’s legendary waters his entire life. Pierce learned to fly fish at a young age on the famous Smith River in central Montana. From that point on he began to explore many of the state’s waters and hasn’t looked back.

Pierce’s entrance into the industry began by working at Billing’s premiere fly shop, East Rosebud Fly and Tackle. There he honed his angling skills and began fishing for trout with two handed rods. This pursuit of two handed trout comes second only to fishing to risers. Off days were spent making long road trips to find trout in far off places like Wyoming and Idaho.

Working at the shop, and a short stint in the Midwest, also catalyzed a fascination with carp and other warm water fish on the fly. As his “shop rat” career neared an end, Pierce was offered a job guiding for the Bighorn Trout Shop. This gave way to long guide days and longer nights tying flies and fishing glorious riffles. Pierce is a fishing fanatic and enjoys all aspects of a fish caught on a fly.