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Rex Thomas

I grew up in Interior BC trout fishing every weekend from April until November primarily Stillwater and Beaver Ponds with some river and stream fishing as well. 1 week after my 9th birthday I picked up my first fly rod and have never looked back.

In the 27 years since I have spent 16 of those years on the West coast of BC, targeting Steelhead and salmon on both single hand and Skagit Spey set ups, as well as Stillwater fishing for trout and targeting Bull trout in the rivers. 2014 saw me make a move to Calgary Alberta and in the time since I have been on a constant mission to study and learn all of the areas numerous fisheries. The world renowned Bow River is only one of the countless waters in the region and is the one I probably spend the least amount of time on.

Currently providing casting lessons in my spare time, I plan to begin guiding in Central and Southern Alberta starting in 2017 allowing clients to step away from the traditional “morning till evening drift boat trip down the Bow” that the region is famous for and giving people the opportunity to fish the area in the same ways that I do. Long hikes along remote rivers and streams, hike in Stillwater fishing in the pristine Canadian Rockies and after dark adventures are what makes me tick.

I am currently working towards helping to initiate regulatory changes in my area in order to preserve the fisheries I cherish so much for generations to come. If you’re even in Alberta and want to go for a fish, just let me know!