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Ryan Gossett

Growing up in Western Oregon Ryan began his passion for fishing on the many coastal rivers, and steams fishing for cutthroat and rainbow trout. As he grew older he always wanted to go chase steelhead with his dad and was always too young, but once that day came around his life was changed forever.

Since that fateful day Ryan has been chasing anadromous fish ever since. He now lives in Bend, Oregon and guides mostly in Oregon, Idaho and Alaska. His guiding career has taken him all over the country from the North Fork of the Salmon river in Idaho, to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, or all the way to New Brunswick on the Miramachi chasing Atlantic Salmon. Through all of those travels Ryan has met some very influential mentors in the likes of people like Jerry French, and Brian Silvey, along with many other great friends and teachers met along the way.

Ryan now primarily works up at Alaska West chasing Salmon, on the Deschutes River chasing summer run steelhead, and then finishing the year out chasing winter steelhead up and down the Oregon coast.

He was introduced to fly fishing when he was 19 and it became a passion instantly. Since that day Ryan has dedicated his life to creating better flies, easier fishing techniques, and safer ways to catch and release fish. All of those of course leading to fishing responsibly so that generations to come can continue to enjoy our sport and the amazing fish that support it.