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Timo Kanamüller

I was born in Germany, with a Finnish mother who laid the foundation for my love of nature and fishing. Spending my summers in Finland in our summer cottage i caught my first perch with guidance of my grandfather before the age of 3. That´s when my path was set!

At the age of 15 i discovered my passion for fly fishing and decided later to combine this passion with practical work. So I studied to become a Diploma Engineer in landscape planning with focus on restructuring rivers for migrating fish such as trout and salmon. I realized though that my passion for fly fishing was bigger then everything else and i decided to follow my Finnish roots after i finished my studies and moved to Finland to fulfill my dream of founding my own fishing travel / guiding company.

Before having the courage to take the big step of putting up my own company I studied nature and wilderness guide as well as fishing guide in Finland and Sweden.

Then, in 2011 my mindset was right and I founded North Fly Fishing, a company that provides fly fishing trips into the beautiful and pristine wilderness areas of Lapland.

Now i spend the lapish summers being out in the fells with clients to show them the adventure and beauty of this sport and the untouched wilderness of Europe, offer high quality service and help them to catch their dream fish, mainly Arctic Grayling, but also Brown Trout, Arctic Char and Salmon.

Doing this, I am living my dream and i am grateful for every day fly fishing in the great outdoors and bringing this lifestyle and passion to people from all around the world!