E-Team members

Trevor Covich

Trevor Covich was born in Washington State. From an early age fishing, and more importantly fly fishing, were a large part of his life. His father and uncle were avid fishermen who were responsible for his love of the sport and the travel that comes with it.

In 2004, Trevor began guiding at Alaska West on the Kanektok and Arolik rivers where he was introduced to Skagit lines and swing techniques for Chinook salmon. Watching and learning from the early innovators of the Skagit method of casting, Ed Ward and George Cook, Trevor became a talented two-handed caster.

For many seasons Trevor provided guide services from Alaska to southern Chile, finishing off his season at Andros South Bone Fishing Lodge. Now he is a full time steelhead and salmon guide on the Olympic Peninsula and Skagit/Sauk drainages for winter steelhead. His summers are spent working for Aleutian Adventures guiding for Chinook, Silver Salmon, and far north steelhead.

Trevor takes great pride in teaching Skagit style casting and watching his clients learn and evolve. In addition to guiding and casting instruction, he is a key part of the Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics, creators of various products related to fly fishing on the swing.

Steelhead and Chinook, or "King salmon," are the fish that drive Trevor's passion for tying creative flies with composite loops. His friendship with Jerry French has opened up a new world of fly tying, and while continuing to learn he develops innovative and effective fly patterns for salmon and steelhead.