„From the very start, we have worked continuously on improving the quality and functionality of our design“.

The founder of Einarsson had a dream of a perfect brake system in a fly reel. A brake that would be smoother than any other ever made. With that one goal in mind the design team of Einarsson went to work. The result was the Invictus fly reel. The Invictus carries the smoothest brake system ever made in a fishing reel, The Shock Absorbing Brake.

The Torque Spring

is actually a connection between the drag unit ( drag disks and plates ) and a pulling fish - so the spring has the ability to store part of the fish-generated energy, same as a fly rod when it bends. The system levels out shock waves during the fight, such as those from jumping and head shaking of a fish.

One Way Bearing

Bearing that turns freely in one direction ( when fisherman is winding in line ) and locks around the drag bolt which then activate the spring and at last the drag unit.

Drag Unit

Stainless steel and carbon fiber disks that are stacked up.

Drag Bolt

Connection between one way bearing and the torque spring.

It is highly recommended that change of retrieve direction is done by our service center or a trained shop/dealer

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