Per Aleksander Arneberg

( Per is the Chairman of The Norwegian Flyfishers Club AS. )

I first learned about the Einarsson reels from a few of our guides who had experience with the Invictus reels, and recommend them highly. After fishing with my own for the last few years, I can say that I have not seen another big game reel with the attention to detail and bombproof construction that the Einarsson reels has. Not only are the reels built with a close-cage style frame, meaning there is no need to worry about thin mono running line getting caught in the reel frame, the proprietary braking system is something which no other reel can come close to. The most nerve wracking moments of a fight with a big fish are when you get the fish close to landing, and the fish makes one last big run to get away- this is often when failure in the tackle comes into play, and hooks straighten, leaders break or knots give out. With the SAB braking system, the line system is protected from sudden shocks, jerks and high speed runs- meaning the chance to land that trophy fish is exponentially higher. I will not longer fish for Atlantic salmon, or any other trophy fish with any other reel than an Einarsson.

Tarquin Millington-Drake

( Tarquin is the Founder and Managing Director of Frontiers International in Europe. )

„I am a photographer as well as a fisherman so red reels catch my eye. This was the first reason for picking up an Einarsson reel! I also love Iceland and supporting Iceland and Icelanders is something I like to try and do, this was my second reason for embracing Einarsson reels. What I got was way beyond expectations and I am delighted. My first use of these reels was in a low water year in Iceland where tiny, tiny hooks were the order of the day. When using small hooks, the right rod is critical (on the soft side) and a reel which can handle big fish on tiny hooks. There is simply no better reel in my view than Einnasson. The drags are so smooth, it really contributed to the minimal number of fish lost on very tiny hooks. There is simply no jerkiness that could increase the potential for losing fish. The same applies to the huge trout of Lake Thingvallavatn hooked on tiny nymphs. At the other end of the scale, when there is a really big fish on, the reel remains what the angler needs to be, completely calm, patient and confident!“

George Anderson

( George is the President and owner of the Yellowstone Angler Inc., Livingston Montana, USA )

„I had heard about the Einarsson reels from my friends in Europe, but had never seen one until we sought one out for our 2014 Yellowstone Angler 8-weight fly reel comparison. We were really impressed and out of 25 of the best fly reels in the world, The Einarsson 9plus very nearly won overall. It was a very close second. If we had the 7Plus it would have won. Then later I got a 7 Plus myself and used it extensively fishing for big bonefish on Cuba’s north coast in Cayo Coco and it performed superbly! This is a very light reel with a fantastically smooth drag. These plus series reels are a perfect combination on any fresh or saltwater rod. Then the Invictus reels with their very sophisticated drag system are at the top of the mountain for Atlantic Salmon reels and the best reel in the world to put on any two handed rod. Yes, they are expensive but if you are a dedicated angler they are worth every penny. To say that we were impressed with these reels is an understatement!“

Simon Kitcher

( Simon Kitcher guide at Gaula and Stjordal rivers in Norway )

„I have been priviliged to have been involved with Einarsson reels since the inception of the 9+ and have used the reel extensively on the Gaula and Stjordal rivers in Norway. This reel has been tested a long way past the normal point of destruction many times and comes through with flying colours year after year. This reel is simply bombproof - it has been dropped, dragged into the river, thrown on to stones, and still performs faultlessly on big salmon! As a guide my guests have used the Einarsson 9+ to land over 350 salmon in excess of 10kg over the last 4 seasons, with the 9+ being used to catch the biggest salmon in the Gaula in 2013 (20.8 kg) and 2014 (22.3 kg). The Einarsson drag is without a doubt the best I have ever used in 30 seasons guiding, and when this is combined with the engineering and strength of the Einarsson chassis you have a winning combination which will give you the edge when you are attached to your own 40 pounder.“

Topher Brown

( Topher Browne - Author of Atlantic Salmon Magic and 100 Best Flies for Atlantic Salmon )

"In my experience, there are two problems with modern reels for Atlantic salmon fishing: the absence of a fully enclosed cage (which allows thin shooting line like Compline or Flat Beam to slip between the cage and spool) and an excess of start-up inertia (which salmon feel very quickly when the angler fishes directly from the reel as I do). The Einarsson Invictus solves both of these issues with a fully enclosed cage and the new patent-pending SAB drag system, which completely eliminates start-up inertia for fish with notoriously soft mouths. The Einarsson Invictus is unquestionably the finest modern reel for the uncompromising pursuit of salar with double-handed rods."

Rickard Sjöberg

( When not scouting for new locations under the Solid Adventures Flag or hunting pike in his home waters of the Stockholm archipelago you are most likely to find Rick on one of the Solid Adventures Destinations in Patagonia, Cuba, Los Roques, or Indonesia )

"Been fishing with Einarsson reels all over the world for almost 2 years now and I gotta say I am super impressed. The smooth brake is pin-point perfect! Very impressed! I have been pushing my personal favorite the 7 plus to the limit several times just to test it. Used it for bonefish in New Caledonia and Los Roques, permit and Tarpon in Cuba for weeks straight with only a casual rinse in freshwater in between, kingies in New Zeeland, for sea trout in Rio Gallegos and also Golden Dorado. Saltwater, freshwater, sand, u name it! And it's still as smooth as silk! Well done boys! Next mission to try and destroy an Invictus!"

Árni Baldursson

( Árni Baldursson is the president of Lax-a Angling Club )

„On my last trip to Norway and Russia I landed 24 salmon and lost only 3, which is a very unusally low number of lost fish. I can not prove it but I believe that the reel did so much in helping me land the salmon, thanks to the smooth brake. In short I was extremely pleased with my Invictus reel. It's easy for me to recommend this reel to all salmon anglers.“

Allan C. Shephard

( Allan C. Shephard is Brands and Marketing Manager for Farlows Sportfish Group )

„I am convinced that the drag system is the best available for playing lively fish. The cushioning effect of the spring removes start-up inertia as line is taken against the drag, perfect for awkward moments when fish jump or suddenly get a burst of energy at the closing stages of the fight. This is my favourite salmon reel, it will help you land more fish.“